Weed Control

What exactly is a weed control & fertilization program?

Weed control is riding your lawn of the common, unwanted plant material while fertilizing turf for healthy, green grass.

For Oklahoma homeowners, weeds are dandelions, goosegrass, crabgrass, chickweed, clover, foxtail, spurge, henbit, dallisgrass, and nutsedge.

The best way to prevent all of these weeds from taking over your lawn is with our Weed Control and Fertilization Program that utilizes a 8-step application process throughout the year.

What’s the process?

The first 2 applications used contain a post-emergent (to rid your lawn of existing weeds) and a pre-emergent (prevents future weeds from growing).

From there you will receive five applications of custom-blended fertilizers that 5 Star lawn & landscape has specifically developed for our Oklahoma soil. 4 of the fertilizer applications are a slow release and contains micronutrients such as iron. This will give you a thick, luscious green lawn without fast growth causing the need to mow more than necessary. 1 of them is a winterizing fertilizer to promote deep root development that prevents the lawn from having spring dead spots. Weed control is applied also on each application if needed

The last 2 applications are a fall pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds and a winterize fertilizer for a healthy lawn for the following spring season.

8 Steps Breakdown


 During our pre-spring service we apply pre-emergent to control crabgrass and grassy weeds. We also apply post-emergent to control any broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds.


On our early spring service we will re-apply pre-emergent to extend crabgrass and weed control through the summer. We will also re-apply post-emergent to control any broadleaf or grassy weeds including dandelions, chickweeds, henbit, and clover.


With our spring service we apply a balanced time-released granular or liquid fertilizer to stimulate spring green-up and root growth. Weed control is also applied if needed. For our customers that want to have the best looking lawns also choose to have aeration and grub control services at the time of their spring service. Once this service is complete it is important to remember to water your lawn consistently.


For our early summer service we apply a balanced, time-released granular or liquid fertilizer with high nitrogen to promote a greener and healthier lawn. We also treat for perennial weeds during this service. Watering your lawn consistently after this application is required for best results.

(June – July)

Our summer service includes another round of a balanced time-released granular or liquid fertilizer to encourage your lawn to stay lush green and thick during the heat of the summer. During our summer service we will also treat for weeds to ensure that your turf is not competing with weeds for nutrients or water. It is important that your lawn get frequent irrigation during this time of the year.

(July – Aug)

The late summer service is when we apply fertilizer to keep your lawn looking great and help it recover from the heat of the year. With our late summer service we also spray for weeds if needed. Like the other fertilizer rounds it is important to properly irrigate your lawn after the service.

(Sep – Oct)

Our fall service is the last fertilization treatment for the year. We apply a slow-release granular winterizing fertilizer to promote deep root development that prevents the lawn from having spring dead spots. Weed control is applied for any perennial weeds as needed.

(Oct – Dec)

During our late fall service we prepare your lawn for next spring by applying pre-emergent to insure weeds and winter grass weeds resist germination until treatment in the early spring. Although your lawn is dormant this time of year it is important to remember that the turf is still alive and requires water throughout the winter.




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