Our Money Back Guarantee

No Contracts
With us, there is no contract.
We think we should be able to keep you each year by quality service , rather than by contract.
What’s Eligible?
Your entire experience is eligible against our guarantee.
Here are a few examples:
* weeds in the lawn ( after certain treatments)
* unhappy with lawn overall
* didn’t answer our phones/return your call in a reasonable timeframe (as set by you)
* completely unresponsive via email 
* messed up billing
* didn’t notify you properly before arriving 
* scheduling issues
* etc….
How much money back?
We will reimburse you for services that were recorded and validated via the eligibility reasons and meets requirements. 
For example; If you’ve been a customer for 3 years and redeem our guarantee, we have recorded information and the issue has not been resolved, we will reimburse you for that service(s) during which the incidents occurred.
What’s required?
We reserve the right to remedy each issue up to 3 times. There must be 3 recorded instances of a valid issue to redeem the guarantee. Or, if issues are unrelated, there must be 5 valid recorded issues within the last 12 months.
*Please have in mind we will not respond for issues not caused by the company, due to weather, or unforeseen events.





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